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Gender Male
Industry Arts
Occupation Artist/Cartoonist
Location Empusa, USA ... ish
Introduction Story Time, Production Time, and Talks about Cartoons. Just the life and times of an Animator.
Interests Drawing, Comics, Reading, Books, Movies, Drinking, Art, Psychobilly, Rockabilly, Cartoons, Zombies, Noir, Writing, Comics, Tattoos, Books, Wine, Short Stories, Beer, Cult Films, Steampunk, Fighting Nazis, Short Stories
Favorite Movies Anything by the GREAT Akira Kurosawa, Everything by Kevin Smith, All BRUCE LEE MOVIES, Evil Dead 2, Enter... Zombie King, Kekko Kamen series, Old Boy, Addams Family, Back to the Future I, Back to the Future II, Back to the Future III, Kill Bill part 1, Dude Where's My Car, Street Fighter (Sonny Chiba series), Street Fighter (The bad 90's one), IZO, Drunken Master I, Drunken Master II(In America it was just called Drunken Master since no one knew about the first one), Newsies, Machine Girl, 12 Angry Men, Sin City, Ikiru, Nightmare Before Christmas, Hellboy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II, Lupin the Third series, Thank you for Smoking, Grind House, Freaked, Spaceballs, History Of The World Part 1, What's up Tigerlily?, Scoop, Elvira, The Spirit, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Wizards, Ponyo, Darkman
Favorite Music Psychobilly, Rockabilly, Punk, Reverend Horton Heat, Horropops, Gorillaz, The Creepshow, Fury 3, The 5-6-7-8's, Sasquatch and The Sick-A-Billys, Pain, Aquabats, Psychobilly music, DEK, Hot Snakes, Bouncing Souls, Reverend Horton Heat, Gorillaz, Blink182, Sasquatch and the Sick-a-billys, PAIN, George Clinton, The World Inferno Friendship Society, The Legendary Shack Shakers, Jazz, Surf, Johnny Cash, Cake
Favorite Books Fearless Dawn, Faust, How to make love the Bruce Campbell Way, Deadpool, Empowered, Savage Dragon, Boneyard, Liberty Meadows, Empowered, Boneyard, Alice In Wonderland, Through the Looking-Glass, Mere Anarchy, Zach Nixon Johnson Series, The Plutonium Blonde, Rex Steele: Nazi Smasher, Bone, Automatic Detective, Angora Napkin, In the Company of Ogres, Dork

Why don't you ever wear a scarf? It doesn't need to be cold outside for your neck to feel naked.

Would a shark in a Hat make you happy?