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About me

Gender Male
Industry Engineering
Occupation independent creative maker, engineer, tech-artist, software guy, electronics guy, teacher, mentor
Location BEST, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
Introduction I have been a technical person since I can remember. Always taking stuff apart, trying to put it back together. Always fixing stuff for people that can not do it themselves. There are no limits to my curiosity. I am always busy learning new things, it could be about design, engineering, music, psychology, art, writing or business. My personality is more like an artist than a perfectionist, I focus, get things done and move on, a pragmatist as its called. I have worked with and for the top 500 companies as a consultant, but have mixed feelings about the corporate world and the disregard of people and resources for the sake of short time financial profit. This however does not mean I work for free or think money is evil.
Interests Humanity, Tech, Art, Culture, human psychology, history, future, present, positive thinking
Favorite Movies Wargames, Back to the Future, Star Trek, Dr Who, Breaking bad, better call saul
Favorite Music Any good music. Bach, Iron Maiden, katy perry, local singers and bands that do it for the music
Favorite Books 'The Art of War' by Sun Tzu, 'Meditations' by Marcus Aurelius. Tao te Ching, bible, 'The Prince', 36 stragemen