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Location Twin Cities, MN, United States
Introduction ABOUT US... (Joy)I have lived with Wire Hair Fox Terriers pretty much all of my life. Zoey our former WFT was our baby of 8 years who we lost on October 6, 2008 to complications of kidney failure. There is something so special about their silly antics, unconditional love, and loyalty that always keeps me coming back for more. (Merci) Born 12/31/2002 is AKC registered. She grew up on a puppy mill in Nebraska where Cheryl Collins rescued her. We have no idea how many litters she had during these years, but her tummy would lead us to believe A LOT!! She had Legg Perthies and required an immediate operation. We found each other through the internet and I knew she was the girl for me right away. This blog is my journey through the grief of losing a pet, sharing and experiencing love with another, and finally realizing that there is life after Zoey. I dedicate this blog to Zoey and Merci - two Wire Hairs with huge hearts and a zest for life and one thing in common.... ME!
Interests MERCI-laying in bed, barking for the newspaper man in the morning, eating chewies, walks outisde, guarding the front window, belly rubs and ear scratches (preferably on mom's bed in the morning) JOY - gardening, cooking, cuddle time and walking with Merci, blogging
Favorite Movies Any movie (except scarey ones) are fine as long as Merci is laying on the couch with me watching it!