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Introduction I was not an obedient child. I never colored within the lines. I detest reading and following instructions, recipes, directions and maps. “Laws were meant to be broken” works for me. Enough of the I don’t do’s… here’s what I do do: I invent, create and build outside of the box… in fact that’s where I live. So, what is THE CREATIVE PROCESS? For me, it goes something like this: everything you arrive in the world with (your DNA), everything you’ve experienced and everything you’ve ever read (I come up short here, and that’s OK) is sitting behind your eyes, between your ears. THE CREATIVE PROCESS is an action you take by mixing up parts and parcels of all of the above with a balance of abandon and care and spitting it out. SAFE… doesn’t work in this process. Nor does: “in order toos” … in order to please, to get ahead, to sell, to get noticed, to be loved. We all have this CREATIVE PROCESS gift. The trick is just getting in touch with it and taking baby steps in interesting and pleasurable directions.