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Introduction I've traveled to as many countries as my age; I want to keep this up. I have lived in three countries and speak 2 languages sufficiently and working on my third - Chinese - which is what prompted me to leave everything behind and answer my calling. I decided to travel the world for about 4-6 months before settling in China. I created this blog as a way for my family, friends and customers to follow me; know where I am and what I've been doing. I love saving money so you'll often see me mention cost savings and comparisons! Hopefully these stories will encourage you to one day do your own travels! My hope is that you'll find the stories shared within these pages entertaining and maybe learn a thing or two; or just join me and come along for the ride as I travel the world.
Interests Travel, culture, food. Meeting new people and trying new things. Being resourceful. Modern-day female version of MacGyver, or so I like to think.