Mizez Slocombe

About me

Gender MALE
Location Paris, France
Introduction Mizez Slocombe is:

1) A full acknowledgement that internet personas are an image reliant on the faulty perception of people such as you. Words can only go so far.

2) A satire of my self-acknowledged and perceived haughtiness and prisspottiness, despite my not-so-special background, just like the fictional characater to which I pay homage.

3) A double-entendre.

Mizez Slocombe is not:

1) Flappable. Like many a drag persona before me, I use the fact that I have no shame for my own advantage and edification.

2) The Mizez Slocombe she was five years ago, two years ago, or yesterday.

3) Estranged from reality, except during the odd trip to Amsterdam.