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Introduction As fans, we all remember our first real contact with hockey. I grew up near Washington DC. As a young child, my father took me to see the Capitals play one night. Like you, I was hooked on this game. And then came 1980. Like so many fans my age in the United States, I was Miracle minted. The next day I had the idea to gather some of my childhood friends. We collected some fallen branches and broke them into the general shape of a hockey stick. We smacked around a crushed soda can in the streets in summer and on the frozen creeks in winter. Hockey, to this day, is the game I care most about. Hockey has its way of getting under the skin. We all remember our first experience with hockey and we know it’s about the passion. I have done my best to share and spread this enthusiasm for the game with most I know. My friends and family would tell you I am an ambassador for hockey. I hope to serve the game well. So grab a stick (any stick will do), I’ll crush the can, and let’s put it On Goal.