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Location New Jerusalem, Neverland
Introduction I am a homeschool student, but I am first and foremost a follower of the Christ. I believe him to be the Son of God and I work to emulate him in my every step, though I often fail. This one crux of my existence affects every other part of me. I am what I like to think of as a reformed libertarian, as far as politics go. I believe in the principles of this country's constitution, in small unobtrusive government that provides freedom, God given rights, and protection. Where I differ from a run of the mill libertarian is that I am conservative on social issues such as abortion and gay marriage because I believe those things to be included in matters of well being and protection. I also differ on foreign policy, in that I believe we should have limited foreign involvement. But politics aside, my life goal is to re-mobilize and re-reform the church. The church has become twisted into all sorts of different contortions and abandons love, truth, and beauty at every turn. I love warm cups of tea, good books, poetry, movies, classical music and rock 'n roll and folk and indie, and I have a weakness for European cities.