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Location San Gabriel Valley, CA, United States
Introduction SkyHiker fits for both my hiking and my astronomy interests. is my hiking blog. Most of my blog posts were hiking in southern California, especially the first year. Then I took a temporary job in Fall 2011 that let me do a whole bunch of hiking in and around Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area, in southwestern Kentucky and northwestern Tennessee. Then I started taking more road trips in recent years, which especially included trips to southern Utah and southern Nevada, while also finding less time for hiking locally, unfortunately. Of course, this year, with "social distancing," and "mandatory" and "strongly urge" restrictions on travel, it's been even harder to find places I felt it was safe to hike. My e-mail address is hidden under my "Favorite Music." Click on the "View Complete Profile" and piece it together from the NATO phonetic alphabet.
Interests Astronomy, hiking
Favorite Movies Wouldn't answering questions like these just provide information for people trying to steal my on-line banking password? :D
Favorite Music e-mail address is one word,, Take the first letter from each of the following words, with an underscore linking them:, Romeo, Oscar, Sierra, Echo, Mike, Echo, Alfa, Delta, (_), Sierra, India, Delta, Echo, Whiskey, Alfa, Lima, Kilo, Of course, you can always post a comment here on the blog, too!