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Introduction Steve Osborn is a lifelong sailor, retired firefighter, writer, poet, and historian. He is 75 years old and in that time has seen his country at its best and at its worst.
He was brought up to revere the Constitution of the United States and remembers boarding the Freedom Train when it stopped in Seattle, to see those priceless documents that are our heritage.

Back even further, he remembers WW-II and the sacrifices that were made to rid the world of Fascism and Nazism. As a young man, he entered the US Navy and was at the H-Bomb tests at Bikini in 1956. Not many are left that have seen the horror of Nuclear Armageddon at first hand. He survived radiation poisoning and the nightmares that followed. For the past half-century, he has been working for nuclear disarmament, the end of nuclear power, and world peace.
He has watched with horror and disgust what has happened to his country since the advent of the new century and has written and spoken at length of the need to leave this course and regain the Constitutional Republic we once had.
His advice to We the People is WAKE UP AMERICA before it is too late.