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Introduction I am a fine artist working out of Columbus, OH. I am a 2D artist mainly, but my works tend to start out two-dimensional and grow into three-dimensional. I collage, paint and draw. I believe that art should be well crafted along with having a well thought out concept. Aesthetics and skill is something that is very important to me and I try to show this in my own work. I also think that the aesthetics of a work should contribute to the concept. My art is about the balance of serenity and complexity in an aesthetical sense. Conceptually it is more focused on the opposites of growth and decay, and exposure and concealment. I like to use the idea of opposites because they compete with each other along with complimenting each other
Interests Delicate Elegant Complicated Detailed People Fish Insects Plants Serenity & Complexity Growth & Decay Life & Death Exposed & Concealed