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Industry Arts
Occupation smart ass
Location North Cackalacky, United States
Introduction A 40-(mumble)-something survivor of the ME generation, playing the Game Of Life and trying to leave a mark on the world, but not a footprint. Wife to a good guy, mother of two boys,and a self described crazy cat lady, I'm currently raising eight head of Felinus Cattarius with no immediate plans for slaughter, but that's only until someone pees on the carpet. I'm sometimes cranky, often irreverent, but generally trying to stay on the bright side of the road.
Interests Art, Writing, Music, History, Hiking, Reading, Rocking the Boat, Raising Two Geniuses (is that biased?), Getting Laid (and who isn't interested in that?), Cats (sorry kind of anticlimactic after the sex reference)
Favorite Movies Pride and Predjudice (BBC version - only for the truly dedicated), Sense And Sensibility, Peter's Friends, The Fisher King, Garden State, Elizabeth (can't wait for the sequel!), Driving Lessons, Shaun Of The Dead, Hairy Pitter and The Prisoner of Body Odor, Martian Child, Ratatouille, Gone With The Wind, The Wizard of Oz, and it just goes on forever really...
Favorite Music too many to pick just a few - Classical, Alternative, Indie, Rock n Roll, Female Country Singers, Folk, World music, etc.
Favorite Books LOVED all the HP books, Gregory Maguire, Ursula LeGuin, very dull and dry HISTORY, David Sedaris, Alice Walker, Lee Smith, Anne Rice, um...books, basically.

What is the meaning of life in the Blogosphere, and does it apply to Real Life?