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Gender Female
Occupation mother, writer, wanderer of mental labyrinths
Location St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Introduction How to say my name: Two syllables, containing the following Standard American English vowels: long A, short I. Soft "th" as in "thorn" at the end there. Silent E. Try it. Jay-lith. Jaelithe. Got it? Good. Extra points if you can tell me what fictional novel my mother took it from ;) Email me: stateofdiscontentATgmail.com
Interests kids, reading, writing, photography, movies, cooking, gardening, science, science fiction, vegetarianism, Transcendentalism, Pantheism, the Romantic Poets, strange names, comparative religion, mythology, Argentinian literature, the human condition, life the universe and everything
Favorite Movies Film noir.
Favorite Music The music of the celestial spheres.
Favorite Books The kind with words in.