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Occupation Retired
Location Northwestern Pennsylvania, United States
Introduction A retired ex-Presbyterian, ex-Lutheran finally now Episcopal after 12 years at Christ Church. You can find me on Facebook as pseudopiskie.
Interests A transsectional usually assigned to the Alto section of the choir. Regularly singing with a college choir and a large community choir and whatever pickup choir can be squeezed into the schedule. A religious heretic who tries to follow what Jesus taught as it seems to yield a blessed, wonderful life. Otherwise believes that all religion is manmade which is why there are so many squabbles. Is owned by several feral cats who live outdoors, sometimes in various structures constructed for their protection and comfort - sometimes wherever. But is really a dog person with unfortunate allergies.
Favorite Movies Don't do movies very often but own a few such as Blazing Saddles, Sister Act, Shrek and Rollerball
Favorite Music Classical, polka, zydeco, bluegrass, 40's, 50's, 60's and some 70's hits
Favorite Books Only read nonfiction tho some of the books about religion are probably fiction.