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Occupation Retired Newspaper Editor
Location South Carolina, United States
Introduction constant learner
Interests Politics, real news, reading, writing, friends and family, movies, music (except rap, hip-hop and southern gospel), Nintendo RPGs, New York Times crosswords, cats, dining out, etc., etc., etc.
Favorite Movies "Doctor Zhivago, " "Auntie Mame, " "The Killing Fields, " "Lawrence of Arabia, " "Cinema Paradiso, " "The Last Temptation of Christ, " and so many more! I have 2, 000 titles in my home film library, and it's hard to single out a few. 'Tis agony not to see new films, and I encourage signing up for "Movies for the Blind" through your State Library! Although there are currently only about 200 titles available, I hope the Department of Education can work with the film industry to continue to produce more of these mercifully described films.
Favorite Music Everything from opera to rock to Zydeco - exceptions previously noted.
Favorite Books Non-fiction, classic fiction, true crime, biographies, mystery series, political. The books I would highly recommend: "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany" by William L. Shirer. I read Shirer's masterpiece to find out how so many people could be duped by a seemingly "beloved leader." Plus, no one should leave this mortal coil without reading all seven Harry Potter books! Rowling's imagination must astound even Stephen King! Authors whose complete works I’ve read: Charles Dickens, Ernest Himingway, Mark Twain, James A. Michener, Stephen King, Nevada Barr, Janet Evanovich, Ann B. Ross, James Lee Burke, Anne Perry, Anne Rule and Frank Yerby. (Classic authors in progress.) Beginning in 2006 I could no longer see to read books and began receiving Talking Books for the Visually Impaired from my State Library. My reading list since 2006 can be found under “books” in DemWit’s sidebar.

What is my cat's name?