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Introduction Former Christchurch city bus driver and transport historian, author of many letters to newspapers and articles for publications. Has contributed many formal submissions and informal suggestions to city and transit authorities, from Taupo to Texas and, mostly, in hometown Christchurch NZ. A madness spanning 30 years!! Think global - act local....as Normandy in 1944 was won hedgerow by hedgerow so must a sustainable world be built bus stop by bus stop!! Photo, taken at first job in 1968. That dwatted wabbit just pops up everywhere!!
Interests Interested in public transport since February 2nd 1970, when I first realised cars would kill our lovely planet! Christchurch city bus driver 1977-1990, subsequently a sight seeing bus driver. Currently works in a position that involves rostered service delivery at 15 different city locations and casual work at a further 40 locations - very much in regular interaction with most parts of our city! Author of two books on Christchurch's public transport history ("The Lucifer; The Story of the 1932 Christchurch Tramway Strike" Dunford Press/Trade Union History Project pp188 1988; "CTB - A brief Social history of the Christchurch Transport Board 1903-1989 CTB Reunion Committee 56pp 2003), Advocate of various ideas (mainly public transport orientated) since 1981 to CTB, CCC, Environment Canterbury (Regional Council), Metro, Ashburton District Council etc. I am interested in all forms of public and alternative transport. Support rail, light rail, and conventional bus, bus rapid transit (or busways), long distance coach networks, rental and carshare systems, bikes and bike hire systems - they're all useful spanners in the toolbox. Each transit system needs to choose the right tool for the right job. Living in a fairly small flat low density radial city like Christchurch NZ (metro population about 400, 000) this is almost certainly going be mainly buses and busways, though protecting provision for a limited future regional commuter rail line may play some part. Believe true high powered public transport planning as an exact and dedicated science has yet to begin, and what is "good enough" by 20th century standards will seem minimal, foolish and amateurish in the years ahead! With cars generating an estimated 40% of the heavy fossil fuel carbon in the atmosphere unquestionably causing climate change, and escalating worldwide devastation, more or less as predicted, changing the way we enjoy transport is not a parlour game or a fashionable fad. Let's get moving!