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Industry Arts
Occupation Bookbinder, Book Artist, Instructor
Location Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Introduction I am a bibliophile. I admit it. I love books. I love the feel of them in my hands, the smell of them, old or new and the textures of the different papers found in books. So is it any wonder that I love designing and creating books? I have been creating books since 2006. What excites me is when I find a new way to create and present a book. I believe they should be functional and come with a purpose. Books to me are about knowledge, adventure, exploration and creation. The more books I make, the more I learn, sometimes the greatest learning is when I make a mistake. I find it exciting because it takes me to a new place of creativity. Creating books has taught me how to be more flexible. I like the element of surprise when I use different mediums to create a new book. Once, when I was out of supplies, I scoured my cupboards for something to use in the creation of a book. I found some sushi seaweed that I hadn't gotten around to using. This turned out to be one of the most organic books I have ever created. I like the feeling of openness I get when thinking about different ways to create a book.
Interests My interests include bookbinding, photography, writing, reading, embroidery, architecture, nature and art
Favorite Music I like all kinds of music
Favorite Books The Secret Garden and The Never Ending Story