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Industry Religion
Occupation clergy
Location Burnsville, Minnesota, United States
Introduction In 1993 I moved with my family to Burnsville, MN to start a church. As a religious and political progressive it was an opportunity for me to create a spiritual community that reflected the values that are most important to me. I care passionately about equal rights for all (gays and lesbians included), peace and justice-making, respect for all faiths, and care for the environment. I also care about progressive religious literacy. I believe that religious progressives need to know their scriptures (and those of other traditions) as well as if not better than religious conservatives. They also need to know that it is possible to read the scriptures and take them seriously, but not literally. I care about life on this earth and worry myself not a bit about what the next life might be like. For that reason it matters to me more how a person lives their life and what they do to enhance the quality of all life on this planet than any doctrinal or theological position they hold. I care about my family, my friends, my church, my community, my country, and my world. I also care enough about myself to enjoy fly-fishing, camping, reading, a good bottle of wine, and the company of friends.
Interests Bible Scholarship, Fly-fishing, Camping, Gardening, Reading