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Introduction Fred Martinez is a widely published Catholic writer and former TV broadcaster who has been a pro-life activist, speaker and Board member/adviser with various organisations for many years. In 1985 he founded the Juan Diego Society through which hundreds of babies under threat of abortion were saved. Praise for Fred Martinez’s The Hidden Axis : "[T]horough piece of journalism.”- Dale Ahlquist, EWTN host and American Chesterton Society President, "[N]ecessary reading." - Ginny Hitchcock, National pro-life leader and longtime colleague of Fr. Paul Marx, “[A] moral tour de force that is must reading .”- Chuck Morse, radio talk show host, WROL-Boston, "[O]ne incredible, thought-provoking book." - Tony DiGirolamo, Executive Producer of the Culture Shock television show, “[P]rofoundly important." - Dr. Pravin Thevathasan, Catholic Psychologist, “[T]renchant expose.” Click here for "Hidden Axis":