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Introduction Since I was a little girl I have always been in love with makeup, I used to watch my mom for hours apply lovely and colorful eye shadows on her eyelids and I remember thinking that I wanted to do that in the future and be pretty just like her, She was my muse!!! My fascination with makeup grew up when I reached puberty and I know my mom and aunts probably won't remember this but I used to steal their lipsticks and play with them a lot. Lol I have ruin tons of makeup palettes, shadows, glosses, looks and so on, but I also have found lots of new and wonderful techniques that have helped me achieve amazing results. I guess the best secret to learn something is to practice a lot and continue to inform yourself of new ways to do things. So now that I have some years of experience playing with colors and brushes I think is time for me to move on and help a lot of people find love for makeup, because makeup can transport you to wonderful places. You can become whatever you want to be, Geisha, Pop artist, Style icon, Movie star, Fafi girl. There are no limits. The only request is to let free your imagination and believe in your innate talents ♥
Interests I love makeup of course, also I love to read history, specially archaic Greek tragedies, Roman drama, and European past events. I love pets, and thankfully I have 2. I like to have a quality conversation with very educated people because I love to learn new things everyday and I really love to make new friends despite distances and oceans.
Favorite Movies I love vintage movies, specially if they are Italians like "Cinema paradiso" "La vita e bella"and "Malena" But I also enjoy horror movies and scifi.
Favorite Music Inside my veins there are a mixture of Latino and Italian blood, therefore all kinds of music with tropical influences fill my heart with joy.