About me

Gender MALE
Location Boulder, CO, United States
Introduction Used to be in the piano club of CrackoDawn, Newton MA. Grew up in NYC as a Yankees fan. Read Mickey Mantle's baseball book, Quality of Courage, a ripoff of JFK's Profiles in Courage. Mantle had one article on Roger Maris, how the baseball commissioner should not have assigned an asterisk to Maris' homerun record. When I wanted an Internet handle for logging into sports blogs, Asterisk seemed perfect, since so many sports achievements need some qualification. Top sports moment: on the Champs Elysee when Lemond beat Fignon. Where I was, he had regained 44 of 50 seconds on the way to the Arc and was 2 seconds ahead on the way back, winning by 8.
Interests Cycling: AdH, CdlMadelaine, Chamrousse; Super Flagstaff & Morgul-Bismarck, Lee Hill Drive, Gold Hill (road bike on 20% grades on gravel). Running: Bolder Boulder.
Favorite Movies Breaking Away, of course.
Favorite Books Have to find a copy of "The Rider."