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Introduction I love to cook and read. Which means that you can usually find me either in the kitchen making a mess or reading a book. Occasionally I do both, which doesn't always work out so well for me. What started the food blog? I was constantly making new dishes and talking about them online. All of my friends and family kept asking for the recipes and my best friend asked me one day "why don't you just start a blog?" Why the name Holy Cannoli Recipes? As a kid I remember getting in trouble a lot for saying "holy crap" so I started saying "holy cannoli" instead. So when trying to come up with a name, my inner kid popped out at me and Holy Cannoli came to the forefront. What made you start a book blog? I was going to do a book club with a group of friends from VA but when that fell through I decided to start a book blog instead. Why the name Book Sniffers Anonymous? I took the two names we were contemplating for our club and mixed them together. Which is not only funny sounding but pretty accurate. I have come across a few people that have confessed to sniffing books. I was never one to get a rise out of smelling an old book but to each his own.
Interests cooking, eating, reading, blogging