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Gender Female
Industry Publishing
Occupation Author/Manager
Location Mission, British Columbia, Canada
Introduction I like to think I'm an easy going person. I have many interests and I'm open to pretty much anything. I like the idea that there is more to this world than we can see, hear and touch. It intrigues me. And from the kind of childhood I've had, you can kind of see why I would say that. I love the idea of writing stories to inform, enlighten and most of all, entertain. I began my writing career as a young child and developed the skills required when I went off to study Journalism formally in College. After a few years of being a reporter, however, that started to lose it's appeal. I realized that leaping out of bed fully clothed at midnight because there's a story unfolding wasn't such a cool way to live. I am fortunate to have two children. My daughter is a beautiful Irish dancer and boy does that take up my weekends! My son has Autism and that took my life in a very different direction than the one I had planned so many years ago. I have really enjoyed writing this first book and I look forward to sharing more stories like it with my readers in the not-too-distant future.
Interests Writing, reading, Autism, music, playing the piano, irish dancing, snowy days, swimming and boating, riding on the back of my hubby's motorcycle and going for long rides through the countryside.
Favorite Movies The Others, The Conjuring, Jurassic Park (all three), Back to the Future (all three), Sixth Sense, National Treasure (one and two), an Extremely Goofy Movie, Hoodwinked and of course, Poltergeist.
Favorite Music I don't tend to have favourite groups. I just know what I like. I have to like the beat, the melody AND the words. I'm weird like that.
Favorite Books Favorite authors: M.Renaud, M.R. Potter, D.Eddings, R.Jordan, T.Goodkind, K.E. Mills, T.Brooks, Dan Brown, J.Wylie, A. Christie, Sir A.Conan Doyle, and so many more! I love to read!!

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