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Introduction Who, me? Some things you should know: 1. I’m a new mom to a darling girl. And I love it!! 2. I’m happily married to my partner in geekdom. 3. I’m a political junkie – Canadian politics, international, whatever… So much so that I got a masters in political science. 4. I’m a pop-culture junkie – pop culture has something to say. 5. I have red-hair, but only because I colour it that way. 6. I’m a big-city girl living in a small city. 7. I live in northern Alberta, Canada 8. I have a tendency to ramble. 9. I am both a nerd (re: politics) and a geek (re: pop culture, sci-fi), etc. 10. I believe that snark, used intelligently, can change the world. Or at least make me feel better about the world I live in. 11. I’m a feminist – women + choices = good 12. I’ll probably keep adding to this list as I go, so check back for regular updates.