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Industry Arts
Occupation tinkerer-with-things
Location Seattle, WA, United States
Introduction In real life I'm a printmaker, letterpress printer, and generally-graphically-inclined person. This blog is more or less a portable sketchbook for me to put fractals in, so I don't have to agonize over whether they're good enough or finished enough or well-titled enough to go in a proper gallery page (by the time I've dithered over them that much, I generally just give up and don't post them at all). Unless otherwise noted, all images were generated using Ultra Fractal.
Interests air, airships, all-pervading luminiferous aether, atmospheric optics, avoiding jerks, awareness, balance, beads, bookbinding, breaking rose-colored glasses, chaos, clouds, cold-hearted robots, color, complexity, dead fish on rice, destructive forces of nature, dichroism, diffraction, double dactyls, dysphemism, electric tonalities, etymology, flying, fractals, geometry, giving the hairy eyeball, glass, hansei, hating fun, honesty, illumination, inanimate objects, keeping bugs away, lenses, letterpress, light, limericks, machinery, molten things, mythology, narrative structure, nonsense, pattern recognition, paying attention, polyhedra, prisms, puns, reality, recreational impossibilities, refraction, shining trapezohedra, silence, single-word phrases, six-point type, spectra, steam-pipes, steganography, stereograms, storms, subtlety, sundogs, sunlight, symbolism, talking dirty to physicists, tea, the sky, truth, weather