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Industry Education
Occupation Administrative Assistant
Introduction My life is a zoo. There's me: type-A, easily amused, sassy mama. There's my husband Mike: complete opposite of type-A, class clown, charmer extraordinaire, father of the year, love of my life. There's Hailey: Mike's first child from pre-Me, sweet, too smart for her own good, loving, surprisingly deep for a pre-teen. There's Parker: our newest addition, our first son, smiley chunky baby. Oh and I can't forget about our dogs - Chocolate: mini aussie and Rose :golden retriever. Juggling our mix-n-match family tree with working in an office that is constantly on fire or in the midst of a tornado...I often feel like I am Living at the Zoo.

Unlike a dog, how can a turtle ever be naked?

I forgot my socks!