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Introduction This place is all straight talk on the sport and nostalgia, with no trolling for arguments and provocation like many boxing hangouts. I won't pander to anyone for promotional hype or call it as I don't see it. I try not to say a thing I wouldn't say to a person's face. If you support how we do it, come on back, maybe give us a like or share for whatever page, on whatever social media. We'd appreciate it.

Please feel free to comment. All I ask is no SPAM or calling world class athletes bums. I'll just remove off topic links with no on topic comments, any off topic advertising, vitriol, that sort of thing. Whatever else, drop a word in to let me know you're around. Also, please only link your comment to your site if it isn't X-rated, promoting violence outside the ring, illegal activity, etc. I don't mind if it's a personal blog or political, on another sport, this sport, whatever as long as it doesn't link me to the type of thing I mentioned.

Peace and love to you, fellow boxing fans.

Work that bag,
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