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Industry Education
Occupation Higher Education Administration (I went to school for this because I wanted to be "in college forever". Really. I did!)
Location Minnesota--dontcha know!, United States
Introduction I am a girl who lives in Minnesota with her husband, the Big Guy. I work at a rural community college in west-central MN (read: on the prairie. Like Laura Ingalls. Only I drive a car instead of a wagon and we never get as much snow as they did in that Christmas special where they had to tie a rope from the house to the barn loft.) I enjoy cooler weather, but not the snow. I enjoy learning new things, but can be hard headed sometimes. I am Lutheran and like learning about God, but do not always like talking about religion and beliefs because when I do, I feel like I am either pushing my beliefs or am not "smart enough" for the discussion. I am very open minded and accepting of others, but can sometimes find it hard when others are not like me. I have a website for a project where I send cards to people fighting cancer. If anyone famous (like Oprah...ahem...) happens to stumble upon it and promotes it I'll be grateful, but at the same time--scared out of my mind because I'm afraid I'd never be able to keep up with the requests at that point. AHHH!
Interests Learning, reading, writing, playing a good practical joke, seeing friends and family, writing an actual letter to a friend and now...blogging!