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Location Florida, United States
Introduction I love having a blog, it is amazing, fun, and interesting, I really enjoy it! I have a strong desire to travel and breed and show Ragdoll cats. I've had a total of four Ragdoll cats; Tadpole (my first, a male Seal Colorpoint), Nico (my second\third, a male Blue Bicolor), Anya (my second\third, a female Blue Mitted), and Renato (my fourth, a male Seal Mitted). Unfortunately, all but Anya are deceased, but I keep them and our memories alive via Life with Ragdolls and Pinterest. That's me.
Interests Ragdoll cats, books, art, traveling, snorkeling, swimming, the beach, Maine, Florida, cats, blogging, dirty jokes....
Favorite Movies Lone Survivor, Platoon, The Usual Suspects.
Favorite Music Blue October, Editors, Pink Floyd, Nine Inch Nails, Slipknot, Metallica, The Rolling Stones.
Favorite Books The Night Watcher (John Lutz), 1985 (George Orwell), Freefall (Mindi Scott), The Waking Dark (Robin Wasserman), The Book of Blood and Shadow (Robin Wasserman), The Definitive Guide to Ragdolls (Lorna Wallace, Robin Pickering, David Pollard).

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