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Industry Sports or Recreation
Occupation Catching Serial Killers
Location McCalla, Alabama, United States
Introduction 23...and 3/4. I'm ADD to the extreme. I'm a christian. I love my family. I'm a daddy's girl. Cats rule,dogs drool. I'm multi-faceted.
Interests Psychology*Macabre*Criminal Profiling*Private Investigating*Handwriting Analysis*Body Language*Board Games*Frivolousness*Semantics*General Nerdiness*
Favorite Movies The Sound of Music*The Chronicles of Narnia*Anne of Green Gables*The Princess Bride*The Princess Diaries*The Sandlot*Napoleon Dynamite*Alice in Wonderland*Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory*Coraline*The Illusionist*The Secret Garden*Elf*Transformers 1&2*Heidi*Fight Club*BTK*Mean Girls*The Rundown*Blackmail*A Clockwork Orange*
Favorite Music Doesn't everyone hear music in their head??
Favorite Books Jane Eyre*Chuck Palahnuik*Necromancer*Hannibal Series*Sybil*Dean Koontz*Stephen King*Edgar Allen Poe*

The love potion you made tastes terrible. How will you drink it?

I don't need a love potion. But if I did, I would name it "Love Potion #9" I mean, how could I not? as far as drinking it, that would be impossible because 1) it would be in the form of a Smarty and 2) people don't make ove potions for themselves to ingest.. they are made to give to someone else in order to make them fall in love with the person who made the potion, Duh..