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Location Lacona, NY, United States
Introduction I'm an autodidact, full-time volunteer at a nonprofit/sustainable farm/intentional community, and part-time writer. My essays and short stories explore the varied questions that shape my daily work. Some of these are broad questions: How can we become aware of the impact our lives, including our economic lives, have on other people—and how can we make that impact more positive? How do we see ourselves in people from very different backgrounds—and do those resemblances move us to sympathy or to dismay? How do we live constructively with fear? Others are quite specific: How can people grow food cheaply and sustainably as the climate gets weirder? How did US immigration policy get this way? What would happen if...? (More information coming soon. This site is brand new and I am still figuring out what to add.)
Interests Farming, economics, immigration, mental health, creative writing