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Industry Arts
Occupation 2D Animator
Location South Wales, UK, United Kingdom
Introduction I have 3 years experience as a 2D digital and traditional, freelance animator. Graduated from the University of Wales, Newport in 2009 with a class 2:2. I am looking for 2D traditional/digital animation work at a studio. Im an artist through and through I love drawing, painting, inking, colouring and learning new programs/techniques and anything that will help me better my animation skills/life skills. Im proficient in ToonBoom Studio, Adobe Premier, After Effects, Flipbook 6, Flash and action scripting, Photoshop and Illustrator. My influences include Bob Clampett, Tex Avery, Art Davies, Chuck Jones, Frank Tashlin, Paul Dini, Michael DudokDewit, Robert Zemekis, Rod Scribner, Bob Mckimson,Fleischer brothers, Walt Disney, Ralf Bakshi, Bill Plympton, Joanna Quinn, Maurice Noble, Richard Williams, Peter Western, Walt Stanchfield and Im a massive fan of the work and philosophy of Jon Kricfalusi.
Interests 1920's-1990's Western animation. Looney Tunes namely Bob Clampett, Bob Mckimson and Chuck Jones as favourite directors. Big fan and follower of American Political cartoons, Daryl Cagle, Nate Beeler, Bill Day, Cameron Cardow. My current favourite animation director is John Kricsfalusi for giving the world 'Ren and Stimpy' and his amazingly useful blogs which teach you a damn site more than university ever could, and Bill Plympton for his amazingly hilarious cartoons.
Favorite Movies Batman animated series, Tex Avery's MGM shorts namely 'Red-hot Riding Hood', Bob Clampett's 'Tale of Two kitties', 'Baby Bottleneck', 'Russian Rhapsody', 'Book Revue', 'The Big Snooze'...Basically anything Clampett touched, turned into pure comedy/animation Gold. Background artist Maurice Noble from the Chuck Jones unit was an utter genius, Paul Dini, 'Ren and Stimpy', 'Guard Dog' series by Bill Plympton, 'Father and Daughter', 'The Monk and the Fish' from DedokDewit, 'Tom Sweep', 'Simon's Cat'
Favorite Music pUnK, Classic rock, Reggae, Classical music, Ska, Rocksteady, Dance/ trance/Dubstep, Rockabilly, Blue Grass, 20's Jazz and skat music
Favorite Books 'Cartoon Animation' by Preston Blair and 'Drawn to Life' by Walt Stanchfield.

When you've got water stuck in your ear, how do you get it out?

smack my head with my hand repeatedly or blow into index finger