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Introduction "Holy men - Divine beings - Mother Earth and a state of goodness. It is a state of purity , a state of Sattva. Everyday is another day , with a rainbow a thoughts , only sometimes the rainbow gets all black in colour with monotony. Sattva is state well versed in people who acknowledge the change it brings into their lives. Who in this world does not want peace , stability , calmness and a cup of tea in hand with 'don't worry' Marley song in the head. And the bitter truth is : This is 'Obtainable' . It s so easy to just sit and wonder on a rocking chair ' Oh I was So happy Seven years ago! Look at the times now.' But then the truth gets bitter when you know that seven years ago you were complaining about something else. Why a blog? Because i am an extremely impulsive person , five days in a week i don't even know what being in a state of Sattva means. This blog is just an endeavour to clean myself on weekends and share my experiences with tweedledums - tweedledees, and people who accidentally typed 'sattviki' on the URL.
Interests Photography, Diaries and stationaries, Thinking, Tea