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Introduction I want today’s children, like my granddaughter, to always have their ‘reach exceed their grasp’ because that kind of drive is what it will take to save this world after you and I are gone. I don’t want to just verbally pat them on their head, while insisting that of course they can (help) save the world by helping the big people do the big job. I want to inspire them with a real life example of how some one smaller and weaker than even themselves did in fact save our world and set it upon a more diversity-accepting and environmentally -aware course. Penicillin the medicine would have improved the world even if it had been Man-Made. But the fact that it was (and is) Naturally Made eventually pushed humanity to a totally new, kinder and gentler, way of viewing Nature. And it all began with just 40 Gallons of penicillin medium - and a Mule. That mule was a dying doctor named Dawson who held off his own body and all the Allied governments just long enough to see the triumph of his ‘Natural’ penicillin. Its a story with far more drama - and skulduggery - that even Hollywood could dream up....