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Gender Male
Location Houston, TX, United States
Introduction We have teamed up with the most powerful AI language model to provide searchable and referenceable interaction for anyone interested in the discovery of new or old hobbies and interests. ****Disclaimer**** We do not condone or encourage anyone to follow the exact instructions provided by OpenAI's ChatGPT without first considering all potential consequences on their own. Please read with the full understanding that the information was provided by AI and curated/ moderated by humans. Both are prone to error, so we encourage everyone reading our blogs to search for expert advice and use good judgement. Cheers to becoming better and learning whenever provided the opportunity!!! For Love and Respect for all, We all try to find a place where we fit in. People are so powerful as individuals, but a community with a cause, unstoppable. I promise I don't have all the answers, but I promise I will never end the search. Please, help me learn, and I will try to do the same for you. Respect is key. I value the perspective of anyone willing to share. -T.W. Jones
Interests Learning, growth, development, understanding, wisdom, peace, open-mindedness, acceptance, love, passion, ambition
Favorite Movies I am not too big on movies, though i do enjoy a well animated children's movie every now and then.
Favorite Music All of it.
Favorite Books There are books I appreciate more than others. The question makes it less possible to accurately portray my favorite qualities about certain books that i consume. In other words, I don't always completely agree with every sentence that is put into a book. I have favorite parts of books, but not necessarily favorite books.

You're wearing a sweater that stretches down to your feet. What color belt do you put on?

If i wear a sweater that goes down to my feet, i am not wearing anything else. Is imaginary a color? I trade in redundant questions guy, or girl. What does the length of my sweater have to do with the color of my belt? What color is the flipping sweater? Damn you for making me think of this at all. I often belt from my back door, "IT'S SO HOT, AND I'M A HEAVY SWEATER." Thank you, sweet dreams.