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Gender Male
Occupation Writer/Editor
Location Los Angeles, California
Introduction Creator of legendary character SWAMP THING (generating 4 comic book series, 2 feature films, a TV series, animated series, and a new feature film in development); the HUMAN TARGET (several comics series, 2 live-action TV series); and WOLVERINE and the NEW X-MEN (the most successful comic book series of the ‘80s/‘90s, 3 long-running animated series, 5 successful feature films, with a 2nd Wolverine solo in pre-production), and many other characters. In TV, Len Story Edited the award-winning WAR PLANETS: SHADOW RAIDERS. He’s scripted 60+ episodes of HYPERNAUTS, CONAN, HULK, X-MEN, GODZILLA, SPIDER-MAN, STREET FIGHTER, REBOOT, BEAST WARS, BEAST MACHINES, EXOSQUAD, POCKET DRAGON ADVENTURES, BEN 10, many others. Len also received Emmy honors for BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES. In comics, Len’s been Editor-in-Chief of Marvel, Disney, and Top Cow Comics, and Senior Editor at DC. He is noted for long runs writing almost every major character. In 2010, Len wrote Legacies, a first-person history of the then-DCU. In 2012, he participated in the Before Watchmen project, writing the Crimson Corsair and Ozymandias mini-series. In 2008, Len was inducted into the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame.