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Location New River, Arizona, United States
Introduction You can contact me as draythomp at gmail. If I put the address in there I get flooded with ads....
Interests I'm totally unemployed. Actually, I haven't worked for anyone else for quite a while now. Just been hooking little computers together into various networks and writing about home automation for my own entertainment and young engineers world wide that have various projects. In some of my abundant spare time I fix recalcitrant water wells that have not been maintained for years, refinish cool furniture, practicing welding (which radiates very powerful wide spectrum RF energy and messes up cell phones), going on camping trips around this state, researching local and state laws and ordinances and trying to keep the stupid frogs from completely taking over my pool. Before that I spent many years in high power radio work (like television, two-way like police and fire radios), computer programming (really, I have code running all over the world), managing computer programmers (hated that, it was like herding cats), white hat hacking (really fun).... All of that time I was in various colleges, trade schools, some online schools, and doing some contract work for companies that needed part of my skill set. I didn't stay bored for very long. But, my profession? I never had just one. I'm too eclectically curious to stick to any one thing.