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Introduction ***after an unremarkable childhood characterized by delusions of grandeur and aspirations of courtney love-esque rockstar/stripper superstardom, the grrl with the most cake went on to work in the innercity public school system where she regularly rubbed elbows with the region's most powerful gang members and teenage felons. having never realized her dreams of becoming the iconoclastic riotgrrl/stripper/rockstar and without having been formally initiated into any gang, grrl has maintained the attitude she acquired in preparation for both of these pursuits. it is this snarky, take-no-prisoners, don't-eff-with-me persona that has led to her termination at nearly every job in her post-college professional career. grrl has an MFA in creative writing, a bachelors in english lit and secondary ed, a big mouth and a complete absence of sound judgment, making her a liability in most professional and social situations.