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Gender MALE
Occupation Professional Sheepherder
Location Aztlan, Turtle Island
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Introduction Not yer typical Injun. Grew up in the wildlands of Big Mountain and raised by an intelligent and loving parents that did not speak English, but they still practiced the ancient traditions of natural-sustainable lifestyles. Today, I am not so concerned about being a Loner, but very proud and honored to carry on the wisdoms taught to me by Mom and Dad, and all the wise ones from the Big Mountain country. Yea'go'h, Ni'zhoni!
Interests All sorts of stuff as long as it's not fake, corny or materialistic.
Favorite Movies "A Distant Trumpet, " A 1960s black and white 'cowboys & Indian' movie. The Army captain tries to negotiate with the Indians (played by some old-timer Dineh). The subtitle of the Dineh actor's line is something like, "We accept your terms and we go back to the village and inform the other chiefs." In Dineh the actor actually says, "You are all nothing but a worthless bunch, and you yourself crawl about on your shit like some evil serpent."
Favorite Music Hey, I rock! Celtic, reggae, modern/alternative rock, metal, and jamming on the drums with the bros and the sisters.
Favorite Books The speaking books coming from the wise ones of my country.