About me

Gender Female
Location North Carolina , United States
Introduction Hi Y'all. I am drawn to small cozy spaces. Most, not all of my blog posts are about fixing or fluffing up my sweet old 570' farmhouse cottage, my 8'x18' tiny house *girl cave" or my vintage Casita Glamper. It is no secret- I am a Jesus loving, bible believing, gun enthusiast who loves America. Yep, I am also a happy deplorable and I share posts on these topics also. I am true to self, speak my mind and I don't give a hoot about being politically correct. I am a blessed country girl who enjoys a (mostly) sunny, simple life here in the Southern Appalachian mountains. Part of my DNA includes a pinch of hippy, a dash of gypsy, a bit of a comedian and most definitely a free spirit that marches to a different drummer. That being said- I want to welcome all visitors, but know that I hold this space as a 'safe sanctuary blog' for conservatives. I do not give space to those who are unhinged Trump or God haters. There is plenty of room for you to dwell elsewhere where you will be more comfortable. A shout out for GOD! The joy of the Lord is my strength, HE gives me breath and I give HIM praise.