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Gender MALE
Location Washington, United States
Introduction Writer, speaker and game designer Chris Weedin has been doing all three his whole life. He has a Bachelor's Degree in History, a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, an advanced certificate of Christian studies and has worked as a furniture deliveryman, professional tutor, security guard, youth minister, associate pastor, teacher and technology coordinator. A Gaming Genius Award winner, Weedin is the creator and developer of the horror-comedy roleplaying game "Horror Rules" and has written or co-written more than eight books. His current projects include the supernatural adventure comedy series "Graveyard Shift", as well as developing board, roleplaying and card games. He is also involved in the upcoming movie version of "Midnight Snack", for which he wrote the screenplay. In addition to writing about scary things, Chris also enjoys talking in front of large groups of people, jogging, playing crazy board/card/roleplaying games, hanging with the wife and kids, playing outdoors and various Christiany pursuits. Often, these things will happen all at the same time. He lives in Selah, WA with his lovely wife and two lovely and obedient children, all three of whom are almost never scary.