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Introduction I was born in Panama and grew up in New York City, Connecticut and Maine. I have worked in publishing, not-for-profits, restaurants and bookstores. I graduated from Bryn Mawr College and earned a Ph.D. in Sociology from Columbia University. I currently work as an adjunct professor teaching Philosophy, Ethics, Comparative Religion, and Bioethics, and as a freelance editor. At different times in my life I have written fiction and a dissertation and poems, sung in bands, been an aspiring dancer and choreographer, done lots of painting and drawing, read a novel a day, volunteered… I have explored many faiths and landed mostly in Quaker-Unitarian-Wiccan territory, been an avid Yogini with dual daily practices of postures and meditation, a Feminist activist, a Yoga teacher and the owner/director of Yoga centers in New York City and Vermont. Now, I mostly be Mama. I try to keep this family on course and to incorporate morsels of all of the above loves into our lives. Oh and I garden, obsessively, during the few warm months allotted us in my adopted home state of Vermont, with my free ten minutes a day. I always thought I was on a spectrum. Now I know.