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Occupation Retired, sort of . . .
Location Vernon, NJ
Introduction In 2000, I picked up a magazine with a funny name: RubberStampMadness. "What on earth is this?" I wondered, and began thumbing through it. By page 5, I had heart palpitations, was seriously hooked a few pages later, and have been happily addicted ever since. I am a retired TWA flight attendant and have stayed busy with several pursuits, but am happiest when I'm stamping. As a resident in the wilds of North NJ, we've got plenty of bears to deal with, but next to no stamping stores to play in. Hopefully, someone will recognize an opportunity and spring to our rescue. Meanwhile, I plan to stay connected to the stamping world at large via my blog. Welcome to my world - please do come in! ~~Full Disclosure: Currently, I have no commercial interests and am receiving zip in the way of payments, products, services, fame or fortune from any of the companies who manufacture the products I recommend. When I am enthusiastic about a tool or other stamping-related product, I love passing along my happy experiences with it to my readers. However, blogging can open up new opportunities: should I become interested in participating remuneratively, you will find out about it here first.