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Gender Female
Location Texas, United States
Introduction Drawing while watching cartoons is what my time consists most of. Browsing the interweb is another time consumer as well. I'm always quoting movies and television, and it seems that Spongebob Squarepants can relate to many situations in life. I tend to be pretty sarcastic, and many people fail to understand it, but that's what makes it interesting. (:
Interests 1980s, accessories, avatar: the last airbender, baking, bison, childhood, chronicles of narnia, colin firth, collecting, comic books, cyndi lauper, daniel radcliffe, dave grohl, death note, dragon ball z, drawing, edmund pevensie, elijah wood, foo fighters, foxes, georgian era, gerard way, ghostbusters, han solo, harry potter, harry/draco, helena bonham carter, howard/vince, interview with the vampire, keane, lord of the rings, madonna, marie antoinette, mr. darcy, my chemical romance, photography, popsicles, pride and prejudice, prince zuko, princess leia, robert pattinson, rumiko takahashi, sam/frodo, scrubs, sean astin, seth rogen, sheep, skandar keynes, sokka, star wars, surrealism, sweeney todd, the beatles, the cure, the hobbit, the mighty boosh, the smashing pumpkins, the smiths, the used, tom felton, trampolines, twilight, victorian era, wes anderson, william shakespeare