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Gender Female
Location Turku, Finland
Introduction I am a 4th year geography student in the university of Turku. Somethimes I also work in crappy jobs to make a bit of living. I cycle, because it is the most efficient and cheapest way to get from place A to place B. There are about 600km of good separated bike lanes in Turku and the city structure is cyclist friendly. Cycling is also an ecological way to get around, and gives you independence since you don't have to care about the bus time tables. When the distances are up to 7 km, cycling is also the fastest way to travel. I'm not an activist and I don't identify as a cyclist. I'm just an ordinary citizen living her everyday life. I don't have a car or a drivers lisence, so cycling is my primary means of transportation. Sometimes I use public transit or walk shorter distances. My bike is Terässiipi ladies' bike, that I bought used a couple of years ago. She's seen some life and is probably older than I am. She's a single geared classic and in my opinion, the best bike in the world.