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Introduction No, not that kind of rehab! I'm a woman who likes to take what I have and re-imagine, recreate, and re-purpose it. Rehabilitate it to something useful and attractive. Something about throwing perfectly good items away rubs me the wrong way- unless of course you do it, at which point I'll probably drag it home. Having had a major house fire sure helps with motivation! Hi, I'm Sunny! I'm a masochist who bought a ramshackle house 23 years ago and is still bailing a sinking boat! I'm joined in this effort by my three great children, Samwow, 22, Thom, 20, and Savannah, 19, all of whom suffer from a hyphenated last name due to Mommy's feminism. We live in a huge historic Florida home overrun by cats and Arwen, the world's ugliest sweetheart of a dog. What's not falling apart is being actively destroyed, which is where I come in. I'm determined to make this a showplace. And you're welcome to watch and help. We have some serious work to do since the whole place caught on fire on August 16th, 2009, so grab a paintbrush and a load bearing wall and let's get to work!

Um...were you going to throw that out?
Interests Making a home for my husband and children.