Nana Jo

About me

Location British Columbia, Canada
Introduction Woman, wife, mother, Nana, daughter, sister, friend, lover, introvert, reader, writer ... so many titles worn in joy and grief, beauty and love, in ever-changing permutations. I love book stores and cosy coffee shops. I love being held, and knowing my own little world is safe. But I love, too, the challenge and joy of going beyond that into a place that is sometimes uncomfortable. I love the myriad and complex emotions which create my humanity, that understands, like Emily Dickinson, "my impenetrable, confined spaces". At 59, I still believe in a childhood sense of magic, in optimism, and in dreaming.
Interests My beautiful grandchildren, reading, writing, poetry, art, music, my church choir, perusing thrift shops and flea-markets, architecture, heritage buildings, knitting, cooking, travel ... beauty in many forms.
Favorite Books .