About me

Gender Female
Location United States
Introduction I am a college student with an Autism Spectrum Disorder and a lot of really strong opinions. Sometimes I say things that other people find adorable or hilarious. Sometimes I really piss people off. I'm obsessive and neurotic and I'm trying to understand my fellow human beings. This is very hard to do.
Interests Social justice, sewing, fashion, fat acceptance, dachshunds, autism, disability rights, history, ancient Rome, WWII, the Renaissance, renfaire, LGBTQ issues, right and wrong.
Favorite Books Confederates in the Attic, The Wordy Shipmates, Monstrous Regiment, most other books by Terry Pratchett, Ella Enchanted, A Civil Campaign, most other books by Lois Bujold, Ender's Game even though Orson Scott Card is a dick, Julius Caesar, Merchant of Venice, many other Shakespeare plays, other things I have forgotten at the moment.