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Gender MALE
Occupation Cat Herder
Location Salisbury, Maryland, United States
Introduction I am a Dad- My daughters range in age from 5 to 26. Yes, I am old! Finally married my "Sweet Melissa" on Valentines Day 2011! Love ya Baby! Have an Akita-Husky named "Kimo"- big baby- he is my jogging partner. "Maggie", our new pup found us last year and quickly became part of the family. Love to inline skate and bike. Have done the Seagull Century- 100 miles in one day!- several times on skates and bike. Try to recycle and pick up trash all the time- I can be annoying about this!- been doing it for years as we all should. Trying to make my own wine and beer in the basement- I like it(each batch is like one of my kids). Always try to grow something in my little patch of the world(inspired by my late Pop Pop Howard Phillips). Head for the ocean and open water whenever I can- love those waves!! Did I mention I love donuts?!!
Interests Donuts, wine, & kayaking not necessarily in that order. Would actually like to find the perfect wine to drink while eating donuts in a kayak in the Atlantic ocean. Family, inline skating, uplifting tear-jerker movies, and any interesting books. History buff- especially the Revolutionary era. Manic organic and Eco-freako. Pick up that trash!! Did I mention I love donuts?!!
Favorite Movies Lonesome Dove, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Jerry Maguire, The Replacements, Big Daddy, The Notebook(get a little teary-eyed just thinking about it), Dances with Wolves, Remember the Titans, Grease, Rent(yes, a guy can love musicals- thanks Uncle Jimmy)A Good Year, Breakfast Club, Ferris Buellars Day Off, Steel Magnolias, Is there a movie about donuts?
Favorite Music Two top- Johnny D(Mr. John Denver) and JT(Mr. James Taylor). Kris Kristofferson is the greatest songwriter who has ever lived. How could you ever chose a favorite Beatle? Ok, John, but Paul is cuter.Listen to everything from Country-old and new, to Punk, Jazz, Bubble Gum, Alternative, even Hip-hop and Rap(you guys need to stop stealing from the past- come up with something new).Police, Doors, Kinks, Ramones, Pete Seeger, John Mayer, The King, Smokey & the Miracles- If it has a good beat I will listen and try to sing along
Favorite Books The Hobbitt, and Lord of the Rings, Junie B Jones, Lonesome Dove series, Autobiographies and Biographies, Winemaking, Whitman and Frost poetry, Walden

How do you pronounce the 'g' in bologna?

Does anyone think this random question thing is cute?