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Industry Communications or Media
Occupation Journalist/Copywriter/EmoAlchemy facilitator/wanna-be novelist
Introduction A decades-long preparation is about to pay off...I can feel it! I believe the future of all of our choosing is about to begin. I've never been convinced that being positive and performing rituals which comfort can alone answer the requirements of what's energetically needed to free ourselves from the 3rd Dimension/Fear Matrix. And the downside is these sometimes serve to keep us in that holding pattern of denial or idealism. I think of myself as an optimistic realist! Especially when I real-ised the work involved in growing ourselves. To answer this need I developed EmoAlchemy - a variation of the ancient mystery school teachings. Like the alchemy of old which involved the transmutation of base metals into gold, taking full advantage of the current Ascension offerings requires the turning of base emotional states into (the gold of) higher frequency ones. It means constantly reviewing, releasing and integrating imbalanced parts of yourself in order to have a physically-successful effect on your biology, subsequently 'awakening' your dormant DNA. And part of what we're needing to survive Earth's rising frequencies at this time.
Interests Intrigued by such things as teleportation, bi-location, the nature of walk-ins, the influence of parallel realities on this one, et al. Knowing and living all of these is a natural way of life in a fully 5th dimensional existence. passions: Continuously working on clearing and balancing aspects of (dark/shadow) Self enough to be able to able to enjoy a future life in this body in the 5th Dimension :-)And have fun with all the above, being a co-creator! Because I can't help Self alone, I'm offering a range of services to this effect. This includes one-on-one counsellings, readings and group work. My spare time is spent: Developing my two decades long unfinished novel, improving my photographic skills and escaping on travel assignments. Still waiting to be commissioned on interplanetary/Inner Earth assignments, though :-) My motto of the moment: 'I'm considered perfectly sane - on my home planet of Sirius B'!
Favorite Movies The Unbearable Lightness of Being; Blue Velvet/Mulholland Drive (& all else by David Lynch); Tres Coleur Blanc/Rouge/Bleu; Rabbit Proof Fence; Bad Education (& all else by Pedro Almodovar) and...we can go on forever!
Favorite Music St Germain (acid jazz); Cafe Del Mar; Claire Phillips; Johnny Clegg n more
Favorite Books Anastasia collection; Dianne Robbins' channelled books on the Inner Earth; Jelaila Starr's 'We Are The Nibiruans' and lots more!